Vision & Mission


To be the most trusted and innovative provider of quality lifestyle products to the New Home Builder and Retail markets of Australia.


We will build on our reputation as a vertically integrated business that can create and supply quality solutions to homes across Australia. We will continue to invest in our people, drive research and development, and maintain a high-performing culture to deliver on what we promise.



  • Be committed to health and safety
  • Always practice safe work methods
  • Support our Zero Tolerance Plan towards safety
  • Cultivate a safe and positive working environment
  • Look out for your mates


  • Support environmental sustainability
  • Employ lean manufacturing methods
  • Minimise and manage waste efficiently
  • Subscribe to recycling and renewables
  • Work towards a paperless future

Customer Focus

  • Listen to our customers and understand their needs
  • Our customers are both, internal and external
  • Make your word your bond
  • Build trust and relationships
  • Ensure our customers have a great experience


  • Working together as one, makes us stronger
  • Listen to each other and learn from each other
  • Take responsibility and lead by example
  • Be accommodating of those in training
  • Support your team mates


  • Be respectful to your co-workers
  • Be punctual, communicate and value everyone’s time
  • Be patient, listen and let others speak
  • Be understanding when faced with different views
  • Always act with honesty and integrity

People & Diversity

  • We value our people
  • We recognise and respect cultural differences
  • We nurture a culture of tolerance, fairness and fun
  • Let people flourish and be the best they can be
  • Create an inspiring workplace for all to enjoy

Continuous Improvement

  • Always look for better, more efficient ways to do things
  • Be open to new ideas and welcome feedback
  • Share ideas, knowledge and new initiatives
  • Measuring our progress will help us improve
  • Improve Today with Tomorrow in mind


  • Encourage new thinking, new technology
  • Evolve, invest in research and development
  • Push boundaries and set new standards
  • Empower people with education and training
  • Engineer and shape our ‘Products of Tomorrow’


  • Grow with our business
  • Keep our goals in sight
  • Be open to developing skills in other areas
  • Stay focused through challenging times
  • We are all sales people